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cemented carbide plate


cemented carbide plate


Features and Benefits


1) With extreme hardness, higher thermal conductivity,stronger elastic modulus and TRS.

2) Smaller effects on hardness with the temperature.

3) Hot-crack resistance, high corrosion resistance and wear-resistance 


Technological advantage


1) Advanced equipment. 

 The unique system of large automatic self-heating vacuum hot-pressing sintering (HPS) which we initiated,is not only easy to operate and simple in molding technique,but also has an obvious advantage of high efficiency and precision.  


2) Advanced composite die

 We took the lead in introducing high strength composite die in manufacturing cemented carbide products,which improved the product quality greatly.


3) Technical maturity

 Exclusive technology of charging and vacuum blending, ensures the product purity and no harmful gas casued.


4) Unique technique

 Our new technique has excellent performance of high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection, Through the precise control by digital system, our product quality could be ensured effectively.




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