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tungsten alloy cylinder


Tungsten Alloy cylinders


Introduction of Tungsten alloy cylinder (column)


Tungsten heavy alloys generally are refractory metal, which have two-phase composites consisting of W-Ni- Fe or W-Ni- Cu or even W-Ni-Cu-Fe, some tungsten alloy is added Co, Mo, Cr, etc. It could be made as various shapes, such as rod, cube, block, brick, ring, etc.


1. Dimension: according to customer's requirement.

2. Density: 15.8-18.50 g/cm3

3. Composition: W content: 85-97%, W-Ni-Fe, W-Ni-Cu

4. Surface: Sinter state, Grind state, processing state with chamfer angle

5. Application: balance weight, Military industry


The main performance of the tungsten alloy


Tungsten alloy has many special properties, such as: small size with high density, high melting point , high hardness , excellent wear resistance , high ultimate tensile strength , extension of good , low vapor pressure , heat resistant, good thermal stability , easy processing, corrosion resistance, good shock resistance , high radiation absorption capacity , excellent impact resistance and crack resistance , and non-toxic environmental protection Is consistent with international environmental protection standards


Appliance of tungsten heavy alloy cylinder 


Usually, tungsten alloy cylinder could be manufactured as the parts of military defense, for penetrating projectiles, counterweights for military defense, projectiles in the missile weapons, armor piercing ammunition, and prefabricated fragments.


Balance weight

such as Pinewood Derby car counterweight, yacht counterweights, vehicle counterweights, airplane counterweights, helicopter counterweights, boat counterweights, tank counterweights, crankshaft counterweights etc.





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